I’ve finished work!

Today was my last day and it flew by in a blur of finishing my handover notes, getting the last of my work done and trying to work out whether I’m happy or sad.  Laughter or tears.  I had shed a few unexpected tears by 10am but, fortunately, I pulled it together and lasted for the rest of the day although I couldn’t bear to turn my computer off for the final time and it took me a half hour to pluck up the courage!

My colleagues gave me some lovely leaving presents including a book on keeping goats (which I am going to read in a moment), some beautiful earrings that I can take to Canada, a cosy hat, and some packing cubes!  I’ve been reading all about packing cubes and they seem to be all the rage.  I’m very much hoping that they are as good as they sound and it has got me motivated to get packing so I can start planning how to fill them!

By the end of the day, I was ready to come home and go to bed and despite drinking several pints, that feeling of tired sluggishness didn’t move.  Whilst I had a fab night, I left my great team mates heading to a metal night at a club as I slid into a cab.  It was so lovely to see all of my colleagues together and people had such kind words to say that it made me want to go straight back to my desk and never leave! I’ll just make sure I remember everything that was said to savour when I’m feeling low.

Right now, I am in bed with a cup of chamomile tea and my helium “good luck and good bye” balloon floating at the bottom of my bed.  Perfect.

Feature Image:  Kate Ter Haar on Flickr


2 thoughts on “I’ve finished work!

  1. Amazing, congrats on your last day of work, before you know it you’ll be off now! I remember the ups and downs of leaving London, it was an emotional time but I now look back on it with a smile and as the start of my adventure. Can’t wait hear more about your preparations 🙂

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    • Thanks Amy! I hope all is going well for you both and you have plans in store to find better bases than in Madrid! 🙂


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