Anyone Want To Rent A House??

Two weeks ago, my fantastic mum, her friend and I cleaned our (B and me) house from top to bottom.  Of course we clean our house generally…sometimes…but it’s usually a hoover, steam the kitchen floor, whip round with the duster and Mr Sheen and throw Cif around the bathroom.  Himself and I both work full time and have a muddy dog – you stop noticing the rest of it.  Until two weeks ago.  OK, I knew the mud was on the radiator from the muddy dog shaking after his walk and his happy, wagging tail thumping merrily against it as he rushes through the house but I didn’t realise it was all up the door thresholds, the doors, the walls, the skirting boards…need I go on?  And the dust in the carpet! As I say, I hoover the house on a pretty much regular basis but I tend not to bother about the dust at the edge of the carpet and skirting.  Until two weeks ago.  The secret is baby wipes! Anyway, said house got cleaned immaculately and every surface shone and gleamed.  The estate agent turned up, took plenty of photos, gushed and got very excited about how much she thought we could rent the house for and, like a whirlwind, she had the house up and advertised that evening.

We relaxed for the evening, enjoying the beautiful cleanliness of our house and then the following day, the emails started coming.  We’ve had four sets of people view the house, two repeat viewings and many, many compliments on how beautiful our house is.  But nobody has actually applied to rent it.  Everyone keeps saying it’s only been a couple of weeks but it’s still nerve-wracking.  We lie in bed at night drawing up contingency plans in case we don’t have jobs, have to pay our mortgage, have nobody to live in our house….and are on a farm in Canada.  At least we might not be tracked down if we are in the wilderness in Canada?  I’ll tell Himself that I’ve come up with another contingency plan…


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