Domestic Adventure

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I can barely remember how to do this blog stuff – the background of it still feels VERY technical and complicated to me and much beyond my limitations….similar to the background of life.  Speaking of life, we are now getting slowly back out to where we want to be in life.  Rather like having been on land for a bit and now we are pushing ourselves off the bank into the middle of the beaver pond again.  We’ve been working for the last six months and getting some bits and pieces organised but we are now (almost) all set for the next step of our adventure to begin.

What a lot I could tell you about the last six months but I don’t want you dozing off so I won’t go into it as would love to keep you awake for what the next six months will entail!

Well, we haven’t actually got as far as six months yet….we’re learning the best made plans don’t tend to be planned in advance (I would have baulked at this two years ago when my life was more organised and straightforward).

Himself has prised himself from the clutches of the Great British Postal System after more years than you should know and bar a couple of hiccups, we have the interim car (more about that in a minute) packed and ready for the Big Off tomorrow!

The Big Off will take us to Shropshire where we will spend a few days digging holes (hopefully in the right places) for our Aunt and Uncle in their garden and then we will head south to Devon where we have a Workaway placement set up on a smallholding where we can learn all manner of things including, most relevant to us, looking after goats!  Our Grand Plan (which does drift from place to place, more on that later) will involve goats as we think they are hilarious characters and great producers of milk and meat etc which would be perfect for us.  If we end up finding them infuriating (as some seem to due to their “headstrong” personalities), at least we will have learnt that in Devon before buying our own goat and then finding them infuriatingly headstrong.  Himself says that I am rather known for being infuriatingly headstrong (can’t imagine why) PLUS I am a capricorn so I think goats and I may have a fair amount in common…..

The aforementioned Grand Plan has changed a bit since we first started planning our adventure into the unknown and I had a feeling that it might which is why I’ve not harped on about it (on the blog at least, family will know we talk of nothing else).  The outcome either way of our adventure is that we are learning all the time about what we like, what we don’t like, what we would like to do and what we definitely don’t and, most importantly, how we’re going to make money to do it.  My head certainly flits from place to place depending on the hour and only when I have a partially sensible suggestion do I propose it to Himself who categorises it under a) good idea b) interesting c) errr d) did I really marry this woman (who can say whether that is positive or negative?)?  He really is very patient….except for when politics is being discussed and then, as all who love him know, it is every man for themselves.

My poor car, Delilah, has been in the garage for five weeks as she is nursed back to life from a day which I will now only call Delilah’s D Day when I drove her into the back of another car.  Fortunately, she has survived and a great mechanic is being very patient as he puts her complicated parts back together.  In the meantime, we have an interim car which is doing a very good job and will hopefully take us where we need to go.  Can’t wait to get Delilah back on the road though – we bought her as she is a perfect size to sleep in and is a good egg all round.

Lake District 2016 - 69

Camping in the Lake District in November….minus 4 degrees but we all still slept well!

Hooch (the springer spaniel) has been having a lovely time gallivanting in Norfolk this week but was very concerned when we packed everything up so is obviously keen to get on the domestic adventure with us.  He will be wearing his neckerchief to honour the occasion of our departure.  What larks, I hear you chorus.

HoochWales - 1

Hooch on his last adventure in January to the Welsh coast with a whole load of wind and sea foam to deal with!

It’s technically the day of the Big Off now so it’s probably time I got some sleep so we don’t fall behind our haphazard schedule of tomorrow!

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Domestic Adventure

  1. Have a blast and be safe!

    In a few years (when our rescued furbabies have both crossed the Rainbow Bridge) we may hit you guys up to do a little traveling in YOUR neck of the woods! Show us around while ‘Living Simply…..Blooming Wildly’!

    Cyndi and Breanna of CBreaze OnTheRoad Facebook


    • Thanks Cyndi and Breanna! You guys are always welcome over here and would love to show you around! Would be great to meet again!

      Liked by 1 person

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