The Leaping Lambs of Shropshire

Our practice at being Workaways for my Aunt and Uncle has been great fun and my Aunt is very happy with the lack of weeds and the creation of a wall and all sorts of bits and pieces.  We’re in sheep country so the lambs are leaping about and their mums are getting worried.  The 3 month old lambs in the field neighbouring my Aunt and Uncle’s house are positively yob-like and one has already broken through the fence into the exciting surroundings of the garden.  And promptly got terribly worried and tried to get back!  Us Fenlanders have no experience with sheep and lambs (and have no intention of keeping them) so know nothing about them and have been very much enjoying being “sheep tourists”….you will have to suffer some of my sheep photos if you scroll down, I apologise in advance.

Hooch has been learning the life of living near sheep….lots of long lead dog walks….but he has been getting used to being tied up on a long rope whilst we are working and seems very happy napping on a long rope as opposed to his usual napping without a long rope.  Last night I went for a fantastic walk on the Kerry Ridgeway which is part of an old drovers’ route from Welsh farms to English livestock markets and is 1200 feet above sea level and runs along the Welsh/English border.  It offers truly fantastic views across the Welsh Hills and on a very clear day, you can see Snowdon.  Hooch was extremely happy as all the sheep were safely behind fences so he could be off the lead and I was very happy as it meant I could catch up on my latest Audiobook, Northern Lights, and take photos of sheep….

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Tomorrow we are off to Devon for the real Workaway  We will be sure to let you know how we get on.

In the meantime, here is an additional snap of Himself’s new bestie….Stewie, the pheasant my Aunt and Uncle have been feeding up and soon to be caught for making stew…..

Kate&Tim11 - 1

Stewie, Himself’s new friend… he has left the Great British Postal System he has to make new friends, right?



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