Oregon Coast = Paradise (Astoria to Tillamook)

Our first glimpse of the Oregon coastline was at Astoria…we were so excited!  And cold! Phew, the breeze of the pacific was a contrast to the baking hot Portland that we had left the evening before!

An unfortunate incident

The first stop we made was for gas in Astoria as we have learnt to grab gas whenever you have the opportunity on this continent! Who knows when you’ll see the next gas station?!  As we waited in line for gas, our day quickly went downhill when a Jeep reversed into our mini van leaving a big dent! Joy! I swore very loudly as I got out of the car and marched round to the back to see a very old man looking terribly worried and apologising profusely to Himself (which increased when he heard me swearing!).  I quickly sharpened up my act and became much more polite as he gave us all his insurance details and made sure we had enough photos etc etc! The gas attendant (named Bernardo!) was very kind and promised to act as witness and there was CCTV so it all got sorted out.

We set off again on our merry(ish) way onto Highway 101 aka the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway!

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

After the stress in Astoria, we decided not to drive far and stay in a hotel for a night so after a bit of searching for a hotel with a vacancy, we eventually found one in the town of Seaside!  The hotel had free cookies in reception at 4pm (very popular with Himself!) and bikes for guests to use so as you can imagine, we took full use of these!

The next morning I got up very early with the intention of going swimming in the Pacific – got to be done, right?  No frickin’ chance! It was freezing! Instead I went for a wander up the beach in the misty drizzle avoiding jelly fish in my flip flops, throwing beached crabs back into the sea and watching a seal watch me. The only other people about were fishermen standing in the wave breakers and a lone surfer.


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You’ve got to pick see a pocket puffin or two

The lovely Bernardo at the gas station in Astoria told us we had to visit Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach and so we had to visit it!  I was expecting a lump of rock on the beach but I didn’t expect it to be 235 feet tall and covered in different bird species (and lots of bird sh*t!).  Whilst Himself took some awesome underwater photos of anemones with his waterproof camera (and had to explain to an old lady that he wasn’t trying to break his camera!), I got to know my brand new, super duper, exciting camera with a 65 zoom and got some cool photos of the types of birds that were up at the top of the rock.  We saw Black Oystercatchers, Pigeon Guillemots, Lots of Seagulls and some Tufted Puffins!

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2 thoughts on “Oregon Coast = Paradise (Astoria to Tillamook)

  1. Hi you two , I follow with fascination your travel odysee. Great & amusing comments , Es you have a future in travel writing , keep it up with much love to both.I do miss you J xx

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