Thanks for having a look at my blog! To give you a bit of context about myself, this blog is about me and my husband (otherwise known as Himself) going to see what else is out there in the world and what we might like to do.  We have a plan of a smallholding in a few years time but, in the meantime, we are off on an adventure!  This blog will follow me primarily but you will certainly hear a bit about my hubby too…

I’m from the lands of the Fen Tiger and have been working at Cambridge University for the last 7 years and before that, I did all sorts of bits and bobs!  I went to Agricultural College for a year, worked with horses and have done my fair share of bar work too. I went to New Zealand and Australia for 6 months when I was 18 and a fair few countries since then but himself and I have always wanted to go travelling together to see what’s going on in the rest of the world.  We have always put it off as something to do in a few years….later on….when life settles down…

However, last year we got married and we were sorted – mortgage, house, dog, and maybe start planning to have a kid.  And then a few months back we thought “Wait, is this it?  Isn’t there more?”  So, we’ve got a general plan and we’re going to see what happens!

I love animals and they are the main focus in life for me so I am fairly certain the future holds a few animals too.  I’ve had horses, dogs, cats, chickens and even a hedgehog in the past but we’re looking beyond that now.  Both himself and I adore the idea of growing our own vegetables and fruit…and we both love cooking, pickling, making chutneys etc…so it seemed like a good idea to make our way towards having a small holding.  But why not take the scenic route?  How about making it into an adventure first!

For some reason, we have chosen to head for Canada for a few months to volunteer on a couple of farms and get some practice and then do the same back home in the UK to get plenty of experience before trying it ourselves.  Of course we might get tempted to go to some other countries too  but, for the moment, our eyes are on Canada and all that comes with it!

I hope you enjoy my blog and that I can inspire you to start your own adventure…or you can live your adventure through ours – thanks for the pressure…



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