On The Road

We’re coming to the end of our camping trip around BC and we have clocked up a good 3000 kilometres over 7 days which for those of you reading who live in big countries may not seem much, but for us small islanders (otherwise known as UK-ers), it is a heck of a way to do over 7 days.  Although the roads (the paved roads anyway) are generally better and bigger than in the UK plus there is a teeny proportion of the amount of traffic in the UK and automatic driving is, let’s face it, not proper driving…it’s far too easy and more like driving a bumper car at a fairground.


Our fabulous Dodge mini van. Easy automatic driving with cruise control and even electric sockets in the back so we can charge our laptops!  Big enough to throw a double mattress in the back – the height of luxury!

I sit writing this north of Mount Robson, next to a fast flowing river which is beautiful but I have learnt that with beautiful water comes mosquitos!  Last night we stayed at a campsite in the Rockies called Mosquito Creek and there were much less mosquitos there than at most of the campsites we have stayed at this week!Just smashed a mosquito on my laptop screen, hurrah!

Our original idea for our camping trip was to drive from Prince George into the Rockies through Jasper, the Icefield Parkway and to Lake Louise but then friends from the farm suggested other places to go in BC which were apparently equally as beautiful.  Plus, the weather in the Rockies turned to snow the day before we were due to leave so we thought we should take our friends’ advice and clock up the kilometres and see a bit more of BC.  Then, the evening before we picked up the hire car, we met a lovely lady who suggested even more places to drive through which we added to the list.  We soon learnt that most people from BC will tell you the best places to go and most of them are different!  A one week road trip could turn into a year’s exploring locals’  suggestions of best spots.  In fact, what a good idea!  Anyway, we took our friends’ advice as well as Shelly’s (the lovely lady in Prince George) suggestions and after a morning of getting lost in Walmart (So Big!), we set off!

For those keen on maps, here is an outline of our route:

Day 1:   We headed down from Prince George to Quesnel, went along the west side of the Fraser River through the Alexandria Reservation and Soda Creek Reservation, on to William’s Lake and then to 100 Mile House for the first night.

Day 2: We drove down to Cache Creek and then on down to Hope through the Fraser Canyon and countless cowboy towns and slept in Manning Park for the second night.

Day 3: We went east from Manning Park to Princeton, down to Keremos and through the hot, fruit growing Okhanogan Valleys and into the mountains beyond Osoyoos and on to Castleridge spending the third night on the other side of Nelson.

Day 4:  Started very, very slow by moseying back down to Nelson and then back up along the Kootenay Lake, taking the ferry to the other side and drove through the beautiful Kootenay mountains and slept above Cranbrook.

Day 5: Headed straight up to Lake Louise with plans to see the lake and get well onto the Icefields Parkway and spend the night halfway along.  Then an “incident” happened and we got delayed a few hours…will explain separately!  Ended up just getting onto the Icefields Parkway and slept just beyond Lake Louise.

Day 6: Today we drove along the Icefields Parkway, through Jasper and almost to McBride which is where we are now.  We spent a bit less time around the Icefields Parkway and Jasper than we had planned..again, will explain separately!  We find ourselves with a day and a half to drive 300 kilometres to Prince George but I am sure we will find a detour we can do!

I’m going to do a couple of separate posts as each day tells a different story.  The dedicated among you can read them all and the less dedicated can skip them all!


3 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. Wow what a trip….but I’m a bit disappointed in your commentary as it kind of just looks like a map without the true picture of what you saw and what you experienced along the way. I’ve been to many of these places and have found them breathtakingly beautiful and it seems like you just wanted to get out as fast as you can 🙂


    • Yep, unfortunately we didn’t have very much time…only 7 days before we go to our next volunteering place. We’re mainly in Canada to volunteer through the Workaway programme and experience Canadian life by living with Canadians instead of tour around for a longer period. When we travel we like to try and fit in with the people of that country to see how people live and the country’s culture. I say at the bottom of the post that I’m going to do some separate posts about the places we saw and loved most but I haven’t had time yet as just got to a place with wifi and wanted to give a quick update to my family and friends back home 🙂

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