Hop, Skip And A Ferry To Vancouver Island

We got the BC Ferries ferry to Vancouver Island today and are now in Victoria, the capital of BC (despite being off mainland BC). It’s a very pretty city with a harbour, colonial looking buildings and lots of restaurants looking over the harbour.

The ferry ride was fantastic, starting with a member of the crew announcing that if we look to our right, we will see a pod of Killer Whales! We only saw their fins but it’s the closest I’ve ever been to them before and it’s so awesome knowing they were under the water nearby.  The ferry journey took 1.5 hrs with the final hour travelling slowly through the Gulf Islands, covered in forests, sandy coves and a few houses with jetties into the sea. What a stunning place to live!

Ferry to Seattle tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Hop, Skip And A Ferry To Vancouver Island

  1. I do envy you 2 , & cannot wait to hear all about your experiences(obviously v. Positive & enriching!)
    You are sending some stunning photos .Well done it makes me very proud of my granddaughter & “HIMSELF”big love j xxxxe


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