A New Dawn

I handed in my notice a couple of weeks back.  My boss knew our plan and so it wasn’t a surprise to her but it was to my colleagues with whom I get on so well.  I work in a nice office, get treated well and have good fun with the people in my team and so, on a particularly dark, muddy dog walk one morning last week, I thought to myself “What am I doing?  Why am I giving up a perfectly good full-time, permanent job to go and volunteer on farms, make no money, and in a year’s time, wish I hadn’t given up a nice cosy office job?”.  I got back home, fed the dog, made my lunch, de-iced my car, hopped in and drove off to work.  I was driving down a great fenland road with miles of fields on both sides of the road, in a long line of traffic, when the sun suddenly rose.  It started as a slit of fire on the horizon, gradually edging up further into the sky and throwing light onto the sparkling white frosty hedges, rushes and trees.  The sky changed colour dramatically from dark to red to hazy pink within a matter of seconds.  It was beautiful and, at that moment in the most cliche of descriptions, I felt so lucky to be alive and see such an astonishing sight.  It also made me sad that I was in a long line of people driving to work to sit inside at a desk and miss the beauty that’s all around us.  It felt like the world was putting on a magnificent performance for us all to watch but we were barely even noticing because we were so focused on living our busy lives to work, work, work, blah blah blah.  By quitting my job, I am forcing myself to get out of that mindset and to enjoy the simpler, bigger picture of life in all it’s natural beauty.

Himself has said in one of his more existentialist political moments that we are all exploited as corporate slaves and people have been unconsciously trained to think that is how we should live so few actually question it.  You can see part of his reason for wanting to get out of the rat race!  Writing this down, he sounds a bit stark staring bonkers and moving over to believe in the New World Order….he isn’t…!  But it does seem people are “made” to feel the only way to fit into society is to get a job and work for someone else to be able to buy that car/have a big TV – surely that can’t be a natural part of human nature?!  I think `’exploited as corporate slaves” is fairly brutal phrasing and trivialises people’s lives somewhat – if people are happy with how they live (be it because they don’t think to question it or because they genuinely are happy), that’s fantastic and is all that matters.  But Himself likes to go against the grain and doesn’t like to conform!

Needless to say the stunning sunrise on my way to work last week didn’t get caught on camera as I was hurrying to work (and driving!).  The photo with this post is from last spring on a morning dog walk. Completely different but it was just as beautiful.

roamingfentiger-newdawn-7 roamingfentiger-newdawn-6 roamingfentiger-newdawn-5 roamingfentiger-newdawn-1roamingfentiger-newdawn-3


2 thoughts on “A New Dawn

  1. What an exciting time for you both! I remember having similar thoughts before I left London to travel, three years later I still have moments of fear and doubt over living such a transient life, but overall, leaving the rat race to travel has been the best decision I’ve ever made. The world is so huge and there’s so much to see – travel allows you to carve your own lifestyle and like you said, appreciate the simple beauty we don’t notice when we’re in the working routine. Good luck with the travel planning, I look forward to following your journey 🙂


    • Hi Amy – travelling for three years is amazing! We can’t wait to get out there and the list of places to go is building! I hadn’t really looked at going to Vietnam until reading about it on your blog so we might make it over there one day. Thanks for the lovely comment. 🙂


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