Crazy weather…

We’ve been here for almost two weeks and I haven’t had a moment to write a post to you all!  I am sorry!  It’s been fantastic so far and I will do a proper post on Sunday…

In the meantime, here is an example of the crazy weather that seems to be really common in Alberta.  Last weekend and the beginning of this week was really hot….I got completely sunburnt and Himself’s face turned completely red – except for the beardy stubble – his nose was like a pointier version of the comic relief nose!  

The sky was a perfect blue , the temperature 25c and we were all in shorts and t-shirts (and work overalls) as we worked and enjoyed the sun plus receiving plenty of mosquito bites thanks to the huge number of mossys here.  Going in to feed the new born chicks sure wasn’t a welcome job as it was around 31c in the brooder!

Then on Wednesday evening, it was a little cooler and we quickly covered up the greenhouse, moved the huge bags of soy mix for the chickens and prepared for rain and possible snow.  Thursday morning, it was -1c and cold, cold rain which soon turned to sleet and then to snow…the lovely pigs were not at all keen on getting out of their warm houses to come and trough their food but one by one they braced the weather and trotted over to their breakfast and then picked over some hay before heading back inside.  Wouldn’t that have been nice!  Instead we kept going and checked the waters….a trough wasn’t working properly and so Himself had to stick his arms deep into the trough to re-tie a knot as the snow flakes got thicker and thicker!  After we fixed it, Himself’s arms were blue and we all raced back to the house to warm up and change our clothes – unfortunately the borrowed rain coat I chose to wear wasn’t actually waterproof so I was soaked and my borrowed wellies had holes so my feet were rather damp too!  We warmed up around the wood burner and then did indoor jobs for the rest of the day as the snow fell faster and thicker and by the evening there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground.  The yard dogs were looking cold but as it was only -2c and they live out in -20c in the winter, I was assured they were fine and when I gave them a hug, they were toasty warm under thick coats.

This morning the snow was still coming slowly but it was a much milder 3c and the snow was a couple more inches deep and perfectly white.  The poplar tree leaves had been painted white by the snow and as snow has a habit of doing, the world has been made into a blank canvas of white.   However, we came downstairs to find the water and electricity off and cell service non-existent (even in the spot on the lane where one actually can get a bar of service)…no coffee, no internet, and no flushing loo…the outhouse was used a lot today.  Fortunately the wood burner is the main heating and so the house has been baking hot!  Despite the sloshy mud with the pigs (who were very sensibly still in bed) and the still falling snow, it was much nicer working conditions….although I think my newly discovered snow boots and waterproof jacket contributed to that!  Our host laughed at us as we made our way up the drive….’that’s what we wear when it’s -20c!’ he called after us.  Inevitably, within an hour, I had my hat, snood and coat off as I got on with the chores!  By lunchtime, the snow had decided to have a break and the temperature started to rise….by 2.30, the white sky had cleared and the sun was out! All the snow started sliding off the buildings and telegraph poles in great clumps and as I speak, it’s slowly disappearing with just wet hay bales and sludgy ground to contend with tomorrow morning when I go and feed the pigs…at least they will be happier!  The electricity and water is back on so we celebrated by making an enormous apple crumble to be getting on with for a few days.  And so life on the farm continues.

Phew, that ended up being a bit of a longer post than anticipated!  I can’t get my head round how quickly the weather changed, something one would never see in the UK….really hot weather one day and heavy snow the next!  My sunburn was grateful though!  Off to bed now with the snow melting and the coyotes howling us to sleep.

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