The Icefields Parkway

So here is the post about one of the most amazing drives in the world (according to the Rough Guide et al)….  It took me a while to work out how to write this post as I found the famous Icefields Parkway which runs through the Rocky Mountains between Lake Louise and Jasper beautiful but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would…

IcefieldsParkwayCOVER - 1

The green-blue lakes, the sharp snowy peaks that surrounded us on all sides, the waterfalls running down the mountains and the wild flowers just starting to come into bloom were so beautiful – for sure, the scenery was breathtaking.  However, as comes with being one of the most amazing drives in the world, it was full of people doing said amazing drive.  So whilst we enjoyed the wonderful views,  you can probably imagine, for those who know me, I got rather cross with the traffic jams of people stopping in the middle of the road to take a photo of sheep and the amount of litter on the sides of the road (of which there is none in the rest of BC as Canadians are so careful to keep their country clean).  We did choose a Sunday in June to drive through which would understandably busy so it is partly our own fault….

We drove through in about four hours and felt much better when we got through Jasper and into Mount Robson Park – back on quiet roads with only mountains in front of us and not an RV in sight.  I feel really fortunate for being able to spend much more time seeing “Beautiful British Columbia” off the beaten track at a slower and quieter pace….with not so many coaches of tourists!!

I won’t hark on about the Icefields Parkway and its good and bad points but will instead show you some photos of the gorgeous scenery.

**NB: Now that I’ve uploaded the photos, I am v.v.v aware that it still looks completely empty compared to a lot of the UK but I have carefully snapped Around the rest of the tourists plus I think we have acclimatised to v.quiet roads!  How are we going to cope with the roads and people when we get home?!**

IcefieldsParkway - 1IcefieldsParkway - 1 (14)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (13)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (12)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (11)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (10)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (9)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (8)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (7)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (6)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (5)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (4)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (3)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (2)IcefieldsParkway - 1 (1)




One thought on “The Icefields Parkway

  1. Great to follow your adventures through Canada & what lovely photos .
    You are sure you want to come back ?. Take care you 2 much love Jocelyne


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