An Evening on a Canoe

Last week Himself discovered a beaver pond down through the bush from the farm where we are staying.  Two nights later, we had a free evening and so after dinner, we wandered down through the poplar trees, pulled out the canoe and hopped in to paddle out onto the pond to watch the sun set.



NB – what Canadians call a beaver pond, I would call a lake….it’s much bigger than a goldfish pond for starters and is about a kilometre in length!  The beaver pond is so called because there is an enormous beaver lodge in the pond which the beavers have built over the years.  The pond used to be bigger but the beavers created a huge dam with logs and branches so that weeds grow on the dam for them to eat.  What clever animals!


Beaver lodge


Just a small part of the beaver dam

After Himself had scared himself stiff over the possibility that there might be a multi coloured snake in the canoe (it was in fact just the rope), we paddled out across the water.  I had sensibly chosen to wear flip flops in case we were to fall out and I needed to swim.  Himself decided against this idea and made the decision to wear snow boots….a damn good thing that we didn’t have any incidents!  We made sure to go out late enough that all the beavers were out and about for their evening swims and tail slapping on the water before bed.  Before we were even in the canoe, we had already spotted one beaver making its way to the lodge.  We must have seen six or seven in total but a couple seemed to quite like their visitors and so swam around us for about 10 minutes! Unfortunately we didn’t catch any decent photos of them though.

The water was so still and clear and all was silent except for the sound of all the birds, of which there are many.  Our host has created his farm into a wildlife sanctuary and as a result there are hundreds of different types of birds on the water.  My favourite is the red winged blackbird – such shocking colours and very different to the British version!


Redwinged Blackbird. © Copyright Silviu Cucerzan and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence .  Photo available on Flickr

The sun didn’t make much of an appearance but we sat in the middle of the lake….I mean beaver pond…and watched the sky darken and the light fade.  It gets dark so late here that it was midnight by the time we got back to the house and we rolled into bed and went to sleep remembering the stillness in such a beautiful place.

A perfect evening until the next morning when, alas, we woke to discover many, many mosquito bites!!!



9 thoughts on “An Evening on a Canoe

  1. Hello roaming fen tiger & Mike.

    Thank you so much for the pleasures you send to me, you sure are having an experience of a lifetime, good luck.

    Lots of love


    Sent from my iPad



    • Hi Mavis! Lovely to hear from you and I am so pleased you are enjoying following the blog. See you when we get back xxx


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