Oregon Coast = Paradise (Tillamook to Brooking)

The Three Capes

OK, so I’m not entirely sure which three capes the Three Capes were but Cape Lookout State Park was beautiful – the sun was out, the water was deep blue and we got to see miles of sweeping waves from great height plus we went for a wonderful walk through coastal rainforest to a lookout point onto the ocean with a wonderful panoramic view.  The lushness of the forest was amazing and we could have been anywhere in the world except for the odd glimpse of the sea through trees.  It was a five mile walk of squiggly paths, different ferns, uprooted trees and silence – it was one of the best memories of our time in Oregon.

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That night was spent in a lay-by off Highway 101 – it was great until I set the car alarm off (and then many dogs barking) at about 2am when I was half asleep and Himself was deeply asleep which scared the bejeezus out of us!  Below is the view from our lay-by onto Waldport….


Sea Lions galore

After a very early start, we left our lay-by and drove south making a vow that we would find somewhere to sleep at a campsite (we had run out of water and needed showers!)…really tough mid-summer in Oregon, I can tell you!!  However, we went on a “scenic route” (yes, they are signposted as such) and found a simply fantastic campsite where we could quite easily have stayed for a week!  Arriving at 1pm, there was one space left for that evening so we parked up, unloaded our things and revelled in having our own little private spot for the night equipped with picnic bench and fire pit! Hurrah!  Later on we went to a lookout point where we saw hundreds of Sea Lions and a few Seals hanging out on rocks just out to sea.  The Sea Lions made such a racket!  Like a barking version of a sea gull!  Once we were in San Francisco, my wonderful cousin and her husband took us to a marine mammal hospital in Marin County where we saw a statue of a full size elephant seal (they are HUGE) and I am fairly sure that the long, smooth rock you can see on the beach with the Sea Lions is in fact a sleeping Elephant Seal! I can’t imagine coming across one in the water!  The next morning we explored Charleston – it took two minutes – and found a huge pile of empty oyster shells…we were in oyster farming country!

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Sand dunes?

Sand dunes are two a penny around East Anglia and the north Norfolk coast so why would we excited to see frickin’ sand dunes?  The only sand dunes we had seen on the Oregon Coast were a recreation area for quad bikes and trail bikes and had a continuous drone of engine noise….we were going to sleep nearby but the noise was so bad which is why we moved on and chose a lay-by instead!  We saw a sign for “Indian Sands” and so pulled off the highway and walked down through the forest towards the ocean.. “Yawn, yawn, where are these sands – we see the ocean all the time” we were muttering.  Suddenly the trees ended and rather than a steep drop down to the ocean, here were sand dunes!  What was great and so different with these sands was that there was no beach – just lovely sand dunes and then a sudden drop down into the ocean!


With another night in a campsite (much less nice) outside Brooking and a milkshake from a Dairy Queen which made me feel rather sick but Himself adored, we coasted south to California…….


2 thoughts on “Oregon Coast = Paradise (Tillamook to Brooking)

  1. Oregon looks incredible, we’re definitely hoping to make it there on our next road trip. I’ve never done the proper camping-style travel but perhaps we’ll try that too next time! Happy travels 🙂


  2. It was great! Camping is big on the west coast but was very busy as Americans seem really organised with their camping holidays! You should definitely go – it is wonderful!


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