The Languedoc Spring

As a way to begin the new adventure, we have taken ourselves off to Languedoc in France for a few days to see my Dad and let the huge change to our lives sink in (eek!).

I sit writing this on the verandah of my Dad’s house looking out over the vines and the mountains.  It’s spring down here but not as my stamping ground knows it.  Bright sunshine cascades across the mountain, lush grass lines the valleys, pink cherry tree blossom and wild irises dot the roads.  It won’t last for long though and by July will be all burnt out.  The flora and fauna here always strikes me as so optimistic.  Every March, the blossom starts to break through and for the next two months, everything looks beautiful with the plants and trees conducting a full show of what they do best.  Then the sun gets hotter, days longer and any rain moves away for the summer (probably to the UK) and all of a sudden the fields and grass are brown and burnt, the trees on the mountain side dry up and they give up for another year.

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