I’ve not written for a while as all the plans have got in the way of updating my blog on all the plans!  We found a tenant and have them booked to move in imminently.  We immediately started packing up the house but then had to unpack everything again as we realised we would need most of these packed things before we moved!  Therefore, the house was in a shambles with packed, unpacked and half-packed boxes everywhere and every so often I would gaze dejectedly in their direction.  Then we had an excuse to throw all the boxes into the garage and return the house to normality for some visitors – what a fabulous excuse!  These visitors were two lovely people and a gorgeously stubborn beagle come and stay.  We met them through Couchsurfing, a site which fixes travellers up to stay with hosts all over the world in return for cooking dinner etc.  George, Marcelle and Vlou, the travelling beagle were brilliant to talk to and get us excited about our trip.  They have been travelling for over three years and had some fantastic stories to tell – from looking after monkeys in Ecuador to house sitting in Kenya, it was good fuel for us to feel motivated on our journey.  Plus it made me start to think about the other countries we could visit too….and the possibility of taking Hooch!  You can read more about George, Marcelle and Vlou’s adventures on their blog called travelbug.

Now our wonderful visitors have gone, however, and it is back to packing and getting the house ready to rent.  The procrastination of packing is the worst part, I have decided, but that doesn’t actually stop me from procrastinating.  In the last week I have spent two hours sitting on the sofa (or other people’s sofas) thinking about how hard and stressful it will be to pack….and I spent half an hour packing up all of our books and most of the CDs.  Imagine how much I could have packed without procrastination?



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