Pressing Pause On Our Adventure

In the blogosphere, I’ve written pretty much all the posts on our travels in Canada and the US and we’ve just got back. In reality, we have been back since early August! We spent a couple of weeks in France swimming in rivers with our dog and catching up with my Dad and then came back to the UK for the start of September.

Himself was going back to work and I was looking for temping assignments, which fortunately I have found.  Now here we are back where we were before our travels. As if the last three months were a figment of our imagination.  Deep sigh.

Our original plan was to go down to Devon to help on a smallholding that we found through Workaway but we have had to put these plans on the metaphorical shelf for a bit as circumstances are keeping us back home for a while.  This made me feel a bit depressed – as if we would never get to where we want to be but Himself was a star, as usual, by putting me back on track and reminding me that everything we are doing is going towards our ultimate goal of getting a smallholding.  Then he started feeling down so I had to act as the support!  Good thing we’re both good at that!

So, we are both currently working and keeping our chins up and thinking about the next adventure whenever that might happen.  I can’t imagine reading about our working life will be particularly fascinating for Anyone so I will do some posts on places we’ve been in the past for those who rely on our blog to keep their life interesting…  I think I will start a section on smallholding type stuff too….

Watch this space!

E x


Walking the dogs near home and having a break on the bench in memory of Jon Coe, the Cambridge Dog Walker and a truly wonderful man.


3 thoughts on “Pressing Pause On Our Adventure

  1. Hello

    Hope I am in the right place to wish Bernard Happy Birthday, hope you have had an enjoyable day. Been a bit occupied with things and Robert was going to call in to Mike,s today with a card but he has been involved with me and then off to work, late I must say.

    However thoughts are with you and Esme, all the best.

    Cheers for now, with love Mavis & Robert. XX

    Sent from my iPad



    • Mavis! I only just saw this!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and I’ve passed them onto him. Hope all is good with you and Robert xxxxxx


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